AMBER AD1080+ Firmware update announcement

Thank you for your trust and support for AMBER.

ABMER has always hoped to bring users a better using experience. We are continuing to absorb the feedback of all parties and continue to bring better quality to you.

The newest firmware of AD1080+ has been released on AMBER website, let’s update your device now!

●Model: AD1080+

●Update Version: 20200522

●Update Description:

1. Fixed the GPS logic

2. Fixed the battery protection logic

3. Fixed the TS stream efficiency and logic

4. Fixed some of default function value and logic

●Firmware Update Instruction

1. Please format the SD card with FAT32 option

2. Copy the firmware file (.bin) into SD card

3. Make sure the attributes of firmware file are not select any options

4. Insert the SD card into device with device power off

5. Power on the device

6. The device will update automatically (with flashing light)

7. To confirm the firmware version from MENU

href="">●Instruction Video

href="">●New Firmware Download


1. Please back up the necessary files before format the SD card

2. Please do not rename the firmware file in case the device can not detect the firmware file

3. Please do not update in different device models, if there is any error occur during the update process, please contact with us.

If you have any further questions, please contact us from Facebook page for assistance.