Actual Operation
Do not always unplug the buck line during general use, because the driving recorder will automatically start recording when the car is started, and the recording will be turned off after the engine is turned off. If the memory card is too large, it will cause machine failure, and the memory card needs to be formatted every few days. Too many locked files can easily accumulate in the memory card. As the available memory card space becomes smaller, the loop recording overwrite time shortens. Or read and write the memory card repeatedly, it is easy to cause damage to some magnetic areas of the memory card or discontinuous reading and writing. It is recommended to use a memory card with a larger capacity and format the memory card regularly to ensure the normal use of the memory card.
There is no way for different models, and it is not recommended to use it in this way.
The front and rear lenses of AD910 and AD720 have the same image quality.
It has loop recording itself, and it will automatically delete overwritten files. If it is a locked file, it needs to be formatted manually.
Both AD910 and AD720 support 128G Micro SD memory card.
If you need to replace the battery, you can send the main unit back and an engineer will replace it for you. The main reason is that because the main unit contains other parts, the personnel will test and confirm it for you after the replacement, so as not to affect the consumer’s warranty rights.
Yes, but be aware that there are two types of connectors.
Yes, it will be updated as soon as it can be improved.
Yes, but please do not touch the heat source directly.
It is recommended to use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the lens glass.
Yes, press the Mode button in standby mode to enter the camera mode, or press the Mode button or press and hold the lock button on the wire controller during video recording to take pictures during video recording.
The G-sensor is the setting for turning on the locking function when the vehicle is hit by the degree of collision and turning on the recording when the vehicle is hit by a collision.
During video recording, manually press the main unit's Menu button or press the wire controller's lock button to lock the file.
For files in the SOS folder, right-click to select the content, there are properties at the bottom, uncheck the archive to delete.
The OTG function means that after the mobile phone is plugged into the OTG, the data of the memory card can be directly read on the mobile phone or on the tablet, which is equivalent to directly omitting the step of directly transferring data through the computer.
The time watermark function will display the real-time date and time of the video on the screen, which can more clearly identify the time point when the video content occurred.
Yes, this is a normal situation. When the motion detection is in a static state, it will automatically record when it detects motion; to prevent users from using it incorrectly, the battery power will run out, and the vehicle will not be able to start. Therefore, there is this design, and it will be done when it needs to be used. Action to turn on.
Playback Issues
This is a standard process. Since the warranty stamp comes from the dealership, it is faster and more convenient to go back to the dealership for processing. If the dealership cannot handle it, it can be sent directly to our engineering department, which can reduce one more procedure.
Yes, separate files for front and back.
It's 30FPS.
Yes, when the built-in battery is fully charged, it can provide about 10 minutes of video recording, but the main function of the built-in battery is to have extra power to complete the correct file after a power failure.
The memory card needs to be formatted regularly. Repeated reading and writing of the memory card may easily cause damage to some magnetic areas of the memory card or discontinuous reading and writing, thus causing abnormal writing or overwriting of driving record files. And accumulating too many locked files will make the circulation space smaller.
The product warranty is one year.
The damage to the locomotive flameout file is caused by the insufficient storage capacity of the lithium battery of the main engine. If this phenomenon occurs, please contact the customer service specialist.
In the video recording mode, if you press the "Down" button, that is the shortcut key for us to disable the sound.
A little bit of purple is a light spot, which is a normal phenomenon caused by angle refraction.
It may be caused by spark plugs or other sources of interference, please contact the dealership and go to the dealership for troubleshooting.
The installation position shakes a lot, and the resonance between the lens and the body will cause waves in the picture. Suggest changing the location to improve this issue.
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